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Scientists presented a plasma jet that can heal wounds with a simple touch.

Engineers from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China presented a device that can heal wounds with a tiny plasma jet.

In the near future, science will be able to commercialize low-temperature atmospheric-pressure plasma nozzles (APPJ) that operate outdoors. Creating a stream of generated microwaves of ions is the first step in this direction, scientists believe.

Unlike directional flows of charged particles, which can only be obtained under vacuum or under intense pressure, this plasma consists of supersonic droplets of a stable gas or “plasma bullets” that do not require a certain pressure.

There are many ways to obtain them, for example, by exciting particles with different currents or low-frequency electromagnetic radiation, for example, microwaves. Engineers can use bundles of tiny APPJs to ionize the surfaces of materials. Doctors can also use them to sterilize wounds, brush their teeth, and even help with blood clotting.

There is only one tiny problem. Until now, these plasma jets have suffered from a limitation – in order to stabilize their flow, scientists need a polarized tube made of a material such as quartz. Scientists have solved this problem, but the technical features have not yet been disclosed.

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