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Psychic Mehdi: is it possible to change fate and how to do it?

You do not live the way you want? Are you unhappy? Are you suffering Are you unhappy with everything around and angry at the whole world? We hurry to inform you: most likely, you do not live your life. It’s time to change something. Today, the winner of the “Battle of psychics” Mehdi Ebraghimi Wafa will give some seemingly obvious advice to those who want to change something?

Unfortunately, not everyone can change the fate. We become hostages of our principles, the faith, the society in which we grew up, for us the opinions of others are of great importance. We are dissatisfied with our lives, but we do not have the strength to undertake something. So what to do?

Do not be afraid!
This is the first and important condition. Who needs this poor and unhappy stability? You feel bad? Take a chance! Change your life drastically and irrevocably. Once in a distant Iran, I, too, everything went on thumb. I had to marry an unloved woman and do an unloved affair. But I was not afraid, I went to another country to study for a doctor, and now I am absolutely happy.

Rotate life 90 degrees!
This advice is related to the first. If everything is bad, think about what can be dramatically changed. Change the city, change the country, change the profession. And perhaps with you next to the wrong person? If you are not happy in marriage or in a relationship, leave. Imagine that you are walking along a trodden path, it is not very smooth, you constantly stumble, fall and know approximately that this path will not lead you to any good place. Not only are you bored, so you also know for sure that nothing is waiting further. Now stop, turn right or left and go off-road. What is there? High grass? Mud? Or maybe you have to swim across the river? What if there is a smooth asphalt around the bend? This does not mean that on the roads you will be happy, but at least you will be more interesting.

Change something randomly!
A lot of popular success stories started exactly this way. The man worked, worked as an engineer, then he spat on everything, made a passport, bought a ticket to Goa for the last money and flew away. A year or two later, it turns out that this person lives a new life, in which he is incredibly happy. Of course, the advice is not for everyone. You need to be very brave and have what is called a good survival rate.

To make a plan!
This advice is suitable for those people who are not very resolute. They already understood that the time for change has come, but they don’t know what to do and how. Sit down, analyze your life, understand why you are dissatisfied, and then make a plan for change. And immediately begin to act according to this plan.

Read the signs of fate!
The universe sends us a lot of signs, points to the best way for us, but in the daily bustle they just pass by us. Pay attention to dreams, to the events that happen to you, to the people who come into your life. Be more open and sensitive to the world that surrounds you. He will definitely lead to the desired road. And, of course, in order to better feel and understand the world around, you need to read a lot, think, be in silence and meditate. Try it! You yourself will soon notice a change in yourself.