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How to save marriage (men)

Entering into marriage, any man wants to save the relationship. But life turns out to be unpredictable – many families fall apart without passing the test of time and life. And who is to blame for this? Is it only one person? Honestly, a great responsibility lies with her husband. Wife deserves special treatment.

Herald Rogers gives advice on how to save his family and become a good husband. He himself divorced, which allowed him to rethink his life and draw certain conclusions. Now he understands how and for what he should fight.

Rogers is not a certified expert, but 16 years of marriage give him the opportunity to realize all his mistakes. Now he advises not to repeat his negative experience.

Do not stop in the courtship. The men who have entered into marriage, consider that their task of winning the woman is already finished. You should never assume that a woman is a won prize. When we ask her to marry us, it is understood that we will be the owner of her heart and protector of the senses. This is the most sacred treasure that we have in life. Do not forget – she chose us. Always remember this and do not be lazy in expressing your feelings for your beloved.

Protect your heart. It is not enough to be a protector of the heart of a woman, it is necessary to keep one’s own, showing vigilance in this matter. It is worth loving yourself, being open to the outside world, but at the same time keeping a special place in your soul. There should not be access to anyone except his wife. Let her heart be always open for her, and only for her.

Fall in love again and again. We will constantly change, tomorrow we will be different, not the same as we were yesterday. Moreover, spouses, years lived together, are also changing. It is worth being ready that changes will come. Based on this, you will have to choose each other again every day. And the chosen one should not just be near, her heart should be won every time, as in the first. If this is not done, she will give her heart to another, and it will be difficult to return her beloved. The advice is simple – to fight for your love every day in marriage, as during courtship.

Seeing only the best in her. It is worth focusing on what you love about it and constantly expanding these boundaries. If you think only about its shortcomings, then it will result in only irritation. The focus is solely on love, if it does not help, then it redeems in this bright feeling. Seeing something for which you love this person, you can become the happiest person on the planet who has such a wonderful spouse.

To change it is not our task. The task of her husband is to love her for who she is, not expecting or demanding changes from her. If it did happen, then you need to love the woman as she is. And this is also part of a responsible relationship.

Take full responsibility for your feelings. It should be understood that it is not the wife’s task to make you happy or sad. We ourselves are responsible for this, the joy born within us will result in harmonious relationships and love.

Never blame your wife for anger or frustration. We are angry, and it seems to us that the wife is to blame for all the problems? But these are our feelings and our responsibility for them. When there is a feeling that anger begins to manifest itself, we must quickly look at ourselves and find ways to suppress anger. After all, once this woman attracted us to herself, which means that she is the person who is best suited to cure children’s more mental trauma. And when we learn to heal them together, they will stop bothering us, only bewilderment of the past behavior remains.

Let the woman just be herself. When she is upset or sad, correcting it is not our job. A man should support the chosen one and let her know that nothing terrible has happened and that he is near her. It is important for a woman to understand that they hear her, that she is important to her husband. It should remain those on whom you can always rely. The female soul is full of emotions, everything is changing rapidly. Some feelings go, they are replaced by others. But she will trust and will open her whole soul to a strong and impartial partner. Do not turn away and run away when she is upset. Be strong and make it clear that you will not go anywhere. And it is worthwhile to listen to what is really behind words and emotions.

Be silly. You shouldn’t be too serious all the time. Let’s loose your laughter and teach your beloved one this. Thanks to the fun, life becomes easier. Just do not overdo it in this field.

Fill her soul every day. It is necessary to learn the language of her love and those minor features that she considers important. A man should make a list of those things that help his wife feel loved. And then they should be remembered and give them priority every day. Let her feel like a princess, every day of which is like a little holiday.

Stay close by. It is necessary to give the wife not only their time, but also their attention. Let in moments of communication the head will be freed from its own affairs and routine. Give yourself all to her, showing that her problems are the most important. Your wife is the most important client in your life, and you should treat her like that.

Be prepared to accept her sexuality. A rough man who wants only the consumption of the female body – an option that should be used only occasionally. A woman wants us to penetrate the very depths of her tender soul. Allow yourself to melt into her softness so she can trust you completely.

Don’t be an idiot. You can not be a fool, but you can not be afraid of falling into ridiculous situations either. No one is immune from this. Any of us makes mistakes, both men and women. It is only necessary to try to avoid serious blunders, and if they did happen, then you should learn from this experience. We can not be perfect, but try not to be stupid to be quite real.

Give her a personal space. Women share so much and qualitatively with themselves that sometimes it is necessary to remember about its development and personal space. Let her have the freedom and time to find herself and develop. It is worth while letting go of a woman, and she will certainly return with fresh emotions and impressions. It is especially important to give her freedom when children appear in the family. She needs to spend some time in her personal world, to find herself there. After all, in the vicious circle of serving children and her husband, a woman is gradually lost.

Be vulnerable. You can not always be hard as flint. Sometimes you have to share your fears and feelings, quickly admit your mistakes.

Be transparent. A man who wants to gain trust should be ready to share himself. Especially important to talk about what you do not want. And it will take real courage to love fully, while opening your soul and letting your loved one into it. Many men fear that she will not like what she finds. But thanks to this frankness, a woman will be able to love the chosen one, along with all his flaws. Marriage is not a place for masks. If it seems that you can hide behind them from problems and be an ideal husband, then you will never be able to fully feel the depth of love.

Grow together. If the water in the pond will stand without movement, it will be covered with mud. Yes, and human muscles atrophy, if they do not work. All this has to do with the relationships that the same fate awaits if they are not developed. We need to find common goals, dreams and ideals and continue to work in this direction.

Do not think about money. It is worth treating money like a game. We just need to find ways to work as a team to win such a prize. Separate one by one, you can not win anything. It is worth finding ways to use the two sides of the force.

Fast bye. You can not give the story to take hostage relationships. It is necessary to learn to immediately forgive your beloved and focus on the future. It is much more constructive than dragging the past. When we hold on to past mistakes, no matter even ours or hers, then our marriage is tightly bound to the past and does not allow us to develop. Forgiveness is freedom. It is worth getting rid of such an anchor in favor of your love.

Always choose your love. This advice is the most important, in fact, it is the only one that should be followed. Let this principle be the main thing in decision making, then there will be nothing in life that could put marriage at risk. Love can endure and endure trouble. Marriage is not a strip of continuous happiness, but hard work. Thanks to the willingness to grow together, constantly invest in the creation of something and can endure for ages. Thanks to such work, happiness will appear.

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