We built our business focusing on ways we could help those planning a significant event save time, money, and stress. The idea was to create a company that would make planning your wedding, corporate event, or special occasion a seamless, cost-effective, and stress-free smooth experience for our clients (like a one-stop-shop). Thankfully we have successfully established our goals, and the results have been saving our values clients thousands of dollars off their budget, all the while providing them exceptional high-quality event services. Now with 14 awesome event and rental companies, Ambrosia simplifies your event planning, production, or rental experience. Ambrosia Event Services event companies bring our clients freedom from stress, an enjoyable planning experience, and saves our clients a large sum of money on their event planning budget? Our clients love the options in the design and implementation of their vision for their dream wedding or event. Pick one of our companies or save by bundle our event services into a single cost savings plan. Whether your event is a birthday or anniversary celebration, a business party to honor clients, a wedding or Quinceañera, or whatever the special occasion. Because ensuring the success of your event is a priority for everyone here at Ambrosia. Make us your choice – the choice of your successful event-partner.

Today, Ambrosia Event Services means stability, creativity and practical solutions, openness to dialogue, and the sincere trust of our client’s in what we do. We do not just make events, and we create lovely emotional memories!


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Video Capture Company offers many platforms to express our video talents, whether it be filming a wedding, corporate event, a community service project, or an advertising gig. Our lead cameraman originally hailed from the east coast and came to Southern for two reasons. One to get away from the cold, and two to work with significant video production companies

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Evaluate the opportunities provided by Ambrosia Event Services with our rental services. We will provide you with almost if not all your event rental needs. Conducting a festive evening requires the appropriate design of the room. Professional designers will decorate the room based on the taste preferences of customers and the subject of the event. Technical support specialists will set up sound equipment, organize video recording.

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