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We professionally assist you in creating personalized iconic events for your wedding, business, private celebrations, soiree, galas, corporate parties, children's parties, reunions, anniversary celebrations, birthdays, or whatever your special occasion may be. Our focus is to improve your function, save you money and stress, and help you have fantastic event experience. With more than 100 years of combined expertise, we assure you that your event will be incredibly successful.

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Ambrosia Event Services began as a dream of taking a team’s natural gifts, incredible talents, and grafting it in to a business that would fulfill their heart’s passion of serving others. In a world that thirsts for convenience and stress-free living, the Ambrosia Team was born. We revolutionized a service that would make event planning as simple as a call! We were all too familiar with the complexities of planning an event, not to mention if you are coordinating it, you are missing out on all the festivities yourself! To make it simple, Ambrosia Event Services offers more than 14 high-quality services to choose from - everything from catering, photography/videography, floral and decor, audio and lighting, photo booth rentals and so much more! You choose the services you need, we bundle them in a convenient and cost-savings budget.


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An incredible amount of our services may surprise you, but really surprise you, it is the quality of services provided.

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Conducting a festive evening requires the appropriate design of the room. Professional designers will decorate the room based on the taste preferences of customers and the subject of the event. Technical support specialists will set up sound equipment, organize video recording...