You have to arrange a holiday party for your corporation, a special occasion celebration, a family holiday, a business meeting, a wedding or a seminar? Our team is ready to offer professional organization of events at the highest level and at an affordable price.

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Breast Cancer research support

Child cancer research

Building fresh water wells

No Kid Hungry


We want to inform those who hire our company that they will help us support the end of hunger for children, provide research funding to end breast and childhood cancer and bring fresh water wells to people who live in areas where there is no clean water to drink. Ambrosia is committed to helping support these very worthy charities. Here's how you can join with us: When a client decides to hire our company we will donate in our new client's name to one of these charities. All we ask is that you choose from our list of charities, and we will give in your name

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We professionally create iconic events for you: business events, private celebrations, corporate parties, children's parties, wedding celebrations, birthdays, etc. Our focus is to improve your event and help you experience excellence in our event services. Ambrosia brings the solution to your event planning needs from our home base of Southern California or the contiguous United States.

Our photo studio

Ambrosia Photographers have an insatiable passion for people or capturing monumental events pictorially and everything that makes them unique. With rare insight and energy, they can capture the essence of a personality in their photography, allowing a single image to speak volumes about its subject. It's all here for you to enjoy forever.

A selection of gifts from Ambrosia Event Services for every taste!

Cinematography services

Hailed initially from the east coast and came to Southern for two reasons. One to get away from the cold, and two to work with major production companies. We've found that working for Ambrosia has given many many platforms to express our talents, whether it be filming a wedding, corporate event, a community service project, or an advertising gig.

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Evaluate the opportunities provided by Ambrosia Event Services. We will provide you with a place for cozy gatherings, noisy corporate events, or active children's parties. Conducting a festive evening requires the appropriate design of the room or playground. Professional designers will decorate the room based on the taste preferences of customers and the subject of the event. Technical support specialists will set up sound equipment, organize video recording.

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Read reviews from our customers. Think about it, would you like to cooperate with a company about which its customers respond so wonderful. And if you have already used our services, and you have something to say to other people about us - write your honest feedback and it will appear on the feedback page.

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